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The Science


Cartridge-based system to provide complex diagnostic test results in just 10 minutes

The LeukoDx platform is based on four primary principles:

  • A 10-minute target turnaround time for test results makes diagnosis and treatment possible during the short time of a checkup at the doctor, instead of requiring a follow-up appointment only after results come back from the lab. It also creates the option for real-time monitoring to track the effectiveness of treatment, enabling timely, efficient adjustments.
  • The device minimizes human involvement and potential for error by means of a disposable cartridge which contains the blood and all the specific reagents needed to perform the biochemical reactions.
  • Multiple tests can be implemented on one cartridge to create disease specific test panels – a growing trend in point-of-care diagnostics.
  • The cartridge can be modified to test a growing variety health conditions, making the platform increasingly versatile.

The cartridge enables two main functions:

1. Assay automation in a fully self-contained microfluidic circuit
2. A reading micro channel

The cartridge-based approach is different than conventional flow cytometer analysis, in the following ways:

  • Single-use microfluidic cartridges provide all pre-analytical and analytical functions, thereby simplifying instrument use to a level we expect to earn a CLIA-waiver.
  • The combination of biochemical reagents and microfluidic structures promotes rapid antibody conjugation in a homogenous assay.
  • Reagents contains positive and negatives controls to provide self-calibrating measurement for each assay run.
  • All biological fluids and reagents are contained in the cartridge from start to finish so that the instrument does not need pump set-ups, cleaning cycles and draining tanks of liquid waste.
  • Multiple wavelength emission detection allows a “cocktail assay” so that multiple markers can be evaluated in a single cartridge.

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