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The Accellix Platform

Accellix: User-friendly, push-button, in vitro diagnostics platform

Accellix, our affordable tabletop diagnostic device with single-use assay cartridges, does not require extensive training nor involve complex operational processes. Accellix dramatically expands access to flow cytometry capabilities by replacing previously complex testing with a user-friendly automated instrument that can be used by any medical practitioner, nursing staff, or junior lab tech on a 24/7 basis. Health practitioners get rapid results that previously required sending samples out to a central lab. Accellix eliminates that transport time, wait times at the lab, and other delays that may directly lead to degradation in patient health and effective treatment. The Accellix platform provides a short “push-button” process requiring fewer specialized skills and less manpower. The result? Improved service, better health outcomes and lower overall cost of care. Initially, Accellix disposable cartridges test for CD4/HIV monitoring and sepsis. Future assay cartridges will target cancer, heart disease, and other infectious diseases.



Who needs Accellix?

Hospitals with time critical departments (ICU, ER, OR, neonatal ward)
Nurses on location can run tests, eliminating long waits and queues at a central lab.
External/Third-party run hospital labs
Accellix means simple, automated tests available 24/7 to all the lab’s staff (not just senior specialists). It removes wait time for batch processing, so tests can be run and returned quickly, especially for high-priority cases.
Clinics and Doctors
Accellix drastically reduces test travel and logistics delays for quicker action and more satisfied patients.